Who Comes Out On Top

The Wage Of Sin

Compositor: The Wage of Sin / Vanessa Newsted

Ignore the weak
the lies they speak

You claim you know the approach.
You claim you've been here so long.
well you haven't learned a thing at all,
you just pretend to play the part.
you don't practice what you preach.
You divide and isolate.
this is not what its supposed to be, this is not what
hardcore needs.

The lies they speak
"keep running your mouth"
some day you'll learn to stop
The lies they speak
"keep running your mouth"
we'll see who comes out on top

ignore the weak
the lies they speak

You talk, you talk, you talk, well now I'm gonna clear
things up.

you should think before you speak my friend.
i don't hate you, its not the end.
you just need to open your mind
for get the standard, leave it behind.
shut your mouth and listen up
this is not some elite club
this is still a mentality that stays alive inside of

i wont heed to those irrelevant. i abhor just the
disregarding all that's trivial
the weak in mind will rot

Those true at heart will come out on top.

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